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RIAS trains US students on German broadcasters

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg Berlin, 22.01.2020, 16:29 Uhr
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Berlin [ENA] RIAS Berlin has funds for a study program on journalism in Germany and invites students from across the USA to attend the three-week event from June 28 to July 18. While RIAS will select up to 15 students for the program providing air travel, local transport and accommodation, participants must contribute 500€ to help cover the cost of the program and pay for their own meals. Deadline for applications is February 15.

Funded largely by a grant from the German government and organized by the RIAS Berlin Commission, up to 15 outstanding journalism or international studies students will be invited to take part in the three-week program in Germany to learn more about journalism in Germany, the role that broadcasters like the Berlin-based RIAS played during the Cold War and the current political landscape of Germany. The RIAS Berlin Commission was founded 1992 in recognition of the merits of RIAS Berlin (Radio in the American Sector), the “free voice of the free world” from 1946 to 1993 that provided millions of listeners in communist East Germany with uncensored information and entertainment.

Today, it is a bi-national organization that promotes German-American understanding in broadcast journalism. Since 2018, the RIAS Berlin Commission has been offering students of journalism, international affairs and related disciplines the opportunity to participate in the three-week educational program in Berlin. Over the span of the program in Berlin, with excursions to other German cities, participants will meet leading political analysts, journalists, think tank representatives and other experts. They will visit government institutions, historical sites, and universities, enabling them to deepen their knowledge of central issues in transatlantic affairs and gain a personal understanding of German politics, media and history.

RIAS demands that applicants must be outstanding, full-time undergraduate or graduate students of journalism, international affairs, political science, history, German or closely related disciplines at universities and colleges in the United States. They should be starting at least the third year of their undergraduate studies at the time of the RIAS program and they should preferably have some experience in journalism – for example at a campus radio or TV station or newspaper. An interest in and knowledge of German or European affairs is very desirable; knowledge of German is preferred but not required. Students who have already gained some professional or volunteer experience in their field are strongly encouraged to apply.

Participants will leave the US no later than June 27 and return no sooner than on July 18. They may arrive earlier or later than these dates, but must cover any additional costs themselves. Leading applicants will be interviewed via Skype before the final selection of program participants is made in early March. The application packages are to include CVs, letters of recommendation (from a college professor or a work supervisor), scans of most recent transcripts, and two essays.

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