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Publishers address disruptions in news production

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg Frankfurt, 18.03.2020, 17:26 Uhr
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Frankfurt [ENA] The World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) offers webinars addressing urgent issues of newspaper and news production affected by the coronavirus crisis. According to the organization the two hour-long events will focus on contributions by top representatives of its World Printers and Editors Forums from China and Italy. They will discuss “unprecedented events” that have been unfolding during the past month.

The World Printers Forum will kick of the webinars on Wednesday with Alice Wong, Chief Production Editor at the South China Morning Post, and Silvio Da Giau, Technical Director at Athesis, a publishing house in Verona, Italy, who will discuss the unprecedented events that have been unfolding during the past month. After their presentations the forum will be open for questions from participants. On Thursday the World Editors Forum seeks to provide answers to the question: Covid-19. Is your newsroom ready for sustained disruption?

Frankfurt-based WAN-IFRA invites members to join their 60-minute webinar with key newsroom leaders to discuss newsroom strategies on how to manage staff and news production at this extraordinary moment. Editors who have been at the front of the coronavirus wave will share lessons and insights that go beyond encouraging journalists to work from home. What should one be doing in anticipation of an extended disruption will be discussed by a panel including Warren Fernandez, Editor in Chief, The Straits Times, Singapore; Brian Rhoads, Managing Editor, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong; Robyn Tomlin, Executive Editor, The News & Observer and the Durham Herald-Sun, USA, chaired by Dmitry Shishkin, Chief Content Officer, Culture Trip, UK.

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